Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i can see clearly now

I can't remember if I have commented in the past on the yellow sand during springtime in Korea. Just for your review - it originates in Inner Mongolia and the Gobi Desert and is carried through dust storms to Korea, Japan and China. It is heaviest during the spring months. From what I have read, alot of it is due to the fact that they are clearing too much land and from overgrazing of livestock. Combined with a dry winter, there is an abundance of dust and sand that is carried through the air to other areas. Supposedly Japan, Korea and China have joined forces to replant trees and/or grasslands in the trouble spots.

Not only is it a health and environmental problem, but there is a constant haze to the sky during a beautiful time of the year. This is what stays on our car.

Some days it is really bad. I caught these photos (around mid morning) a couple of weeks ago from our balcony. We had a heavy rain yesterday that cleared things up some. So today I tried to capture the same photos. Note the difference.

All of the hazy days make me really appreciate what I can see on the clear days.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What great pictures. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I think I could do that dust on the finger picture around my house right now ! Interesting about the origin of YOUR dust !

Crystal said...

Wow, I imagine you really do appreciate the view after the Yellow haze had cleared! Your photos are beautiful, I just found your blog. Blessings to you~

Sangeeta said...

I appreciate this wonderful post!!

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